“My favorite act of the evening was the incredibly talented Iman Lizarazu, a French Basque artist whose hair is more charismatic than most people’s whole personalities. Lizarazu combines pantomime, juggling, dance ( and a gorgeously radiant smile) into a silent yet utterly captivation performance that sparkles with a graceful intelligence”
- European Weekly

“Original, invigorating as well as tender and genuine, Iman's solo performances bring with her the fine art of physical comedy in addition to topnotch juggling skills. She is an accomplished mime and physical comedian. Her performance is filled with a wide range of comic disciplines from circus arts to commedia dell'arte.
Outstanding! We love Iman.
- New York Times Virginia Carhill

“Amazing and talented lady.”
- Vicky Manning

“Love Iman! Got a chance to study with her in 2017 and even got to share the stage with her in her show!”

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